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Our colleague Marisol attends the “XXXIII Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Española de Ingeniería Biomédica (CASEIB 2015)” to present our work entitled “Diseño preliminar de una plataforma experimental basada en neuroestimulación para el análisis de la interacción corticomuscular para rehabilitación … Continuar


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Our colleague Álvaro Costa attends to the conference IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics in Hong Kong. In this conference, he has presented the work “Studying Mechanisms cognitive attention during walking from EEG signals” belonging to BioMot project. Nuestro compañero … Continuar

IROS 2015

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José M. Azorín, in the BioMot project booth at IROS 2015 in Hamburg. José M. Azorín, en el stand dedicado al proyecto BioMot en el IROS 2015, en Hamburgo. José M. Azorín, en l’estand dedicat al projecte BioMot en l’IROS … Continuar

XXXVI Jornadas de Automática – 2015

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José M. Azorín assists to the meeting of the bioengineering group of the Spanish committe of automation in the “XXXVI Jornadas de Automática” in Bilbao. José M. Azorín asiste a la reunión del grupo de bioingenieríadel comité español de automática … Continuar

EMBC 2015

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José M. Azorín presentó el trabajo “Decoding of Knee Angles through EEG using Active Electrodes” en el 37º Congreso anual internacional del IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2015). José M. Azorín va presentar el treball “Decoding of … Continuar

Brainproducts conference

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Our colleague Eduardo Iáñez has participated in the Conference organized by Bionic Brainproducts in Madrid, 7-8 July. [singlepic id=105 w=640 h=480 float=center]Nuestro compañero Eduardo Iáñez ha participado en las Jornadas de Brainproducts organizadas por Bionic en Madrid, 7-8 de julio. … Continuar

Summer School 2015

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Today starts the Summer School on Advanced Assistive Technology for Complex Communication Needs (San Sebastian,Spain). The organizers of this events are: Iberada CYTED Miguel Hernádez University of Elche The University of the Basque Country The Summer School will take place between … Continuar

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